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We are honored to share our love and respect for the art of surfing as a sport and way of life. The tropical and warm waters of Indian ocean are beautiful and inviting, making your surf experience even more amazing and enjoyable.

We believe that surfing is a lifestyle and attitude of peace, health, and pure joy. When in the ocean we believe you should have respect for Mother Earth and all she offers us. Surfing is a magical, fun, and limitless experience, and at Blue Surf we wish to offer you a memorable experience and the necessary skills so you can join this amazing world wide community!No matter your skill level, we offer accommodations,  boat chater and passionate and experienced surf  and guide you through your surf experience. We welcome you to join us at  Panaitan Surf Camp and Boat Charter!

Panaitanís hills rise from pristine forest with wild life comprised of deer, wild board, monkey, bulls, large monitor lizar, black leopard, phyton and a wide variety of bird life. This beautiful tropical island is the background of one the most incredible surf spot in the world class waves in warm, clear blue water and away from crowds. Panaitan is part of Ujung Kulon national park (world heritage site).To those who like to surf at Panaitan island it is one of the best surfing area in the world, It is one the most exciting safaris you have experience, about Panaitan island is located in the part of Ujung Kulon National Park (world heritage site) this beautiful tropical island is rich wild life in great waves and clear blue water will take you far away from hustle and bustle of everything, A perfects destination for groups of surfer in search of waves far away from the madding crowds.Created in this bay by God are several primo surf spots, ranging from huge outer-bay cloudbreak bombies, one of the most perfect left point breaks in the world, and inner-bay reef breaks that peel and fire like finely tuned machines. Itís a beautiful place, an island of dreams, where you meet more dolphins than humans and where you really feel at one
with the universe. As with most areas of Indonesia, West Java gets the best surf conditions during the months March through to October. Depending on where you decide to travel you have breaks which will suit depending on your skill as a surfer please check out the wave discription listed under DATES. .Mostly this area is uncrowded and you will definitely get to experience that Indo perfection! The waves in West Java are really under-ratedÖ they are some of the best in Indo Ė itís just a matter of timing.




"Experience the fun and excitement of Ujung Kulon National Park"